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Site Description:
This free private site in its 12th year is to collect information of & for descendants
of and for Jonathan Kittrell, presumed to have been around c.1680 or thereafter.  
We now have two prime theories for the origin of the Kittrell name:   the best theory
will be found at our site as it remains a site proprietary idea for now; the other is
that Jonathan was born with name Jonathan Catheral under that theory in the
Cheshire region of England or Holland or elsewhere in mainland Europe or even
possibly America.   Jonathan Kittrell was found as an adult in what was then
thought to be within present day Nansemond County, VA in 1704, & later ten or
so miles within North Carolina, but probably the same or near the same location
until his death.   We are working on a family tree which contains 50,000+
persons, fourteen generations from and including that of Jonathan Kittrell, his
spouse Ann (believed by some possibly only to be an Ann Durant but this is
most unlikely or so it seems) & one or two other spouses & their descendants
and spouses.   In the first seven generations it is 12,000+ of such, an early
version of which is posted at the site and out there if you look. All Jonathan
Kittrell descendants & spouses are welcome as well as are all amateur Kittrell
researchers.   A second site to research the ancestors of Dutton Catherall,
claimed to be the father of Jonathan Kittrell, is now merged with this site and
the theory has been more carefully scrutinized at the main site.   The picture
above is of Kittrell sisters born in Alabama, but marriage and family carried
them to GA, SC and NC.
Join & add yours as we have been expanded by MyFamily for no extra cost
to us from 205 MEG to ten times that much 2,050 MEG for more room for all
Kittrell items and photos and miscellany.   We continue to grow.   To join the
free site---private for descendants and spouses only---write:

"Chief Scribe" <>


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